Competition Texas Strength Bench Presses

Monolift and competition squat cages

Full Dumbbell Set, 5 lbs through 200 lbs

Specialty Bars and Equipment

(trap bars, multi-grip/swiss bars, cambered bench bars, cambered squat bars, texas deadlift bars, texas squat bars, ball-bearing bars, etc)

Full Hammer Strength Line

    Olympic Lifting Equipment

Full Sized Deadlift and Band Pull Platforms

Full Indoor Strongman Platforms (yoke, farmers handles, kegs, husafel stones, atlas stones, sand bags, logs (8in, 10in, 12in), axles, prowlers, harnesses, tires, viking press, car deadlift frame, etc)

Cardio/Bootcamp Equipment

Children’s Area

Showers/Water Fountain/Couches/Coffee in Lounge Area