Seminole Strength and Conditioning is owned and operated by Jeremy and Shelly Hoornstra who have both been in the Fitness Industry for many years as well as both Firefighters and Emergency Medical pic one

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Jeremy is sponsored by MHP, American Barbell,  and JB BOSS, and is a multiple All-Time World Record Holder athlete having traveled all over the world to compete.  Some of his records include:

•  All-time World Record in the 242 lb weight class with a 672 lb Benchpress
•  All-time World Record in the 275 lb weight class with a 675 lb Benchpress
•   Highest All-time Pound for Pound Benchpress ever.



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Shelly has competed in both Powerlifting and NPC bikini competitions across the country.  She has been certified in personal training for many years and has trained many clients one-on-one as well as run bootcamp classes.  She currently has a team of clients that have competed across the state in Men’s Physique, Bikini, and Figure.