Seminole Strength and Conditioning is a 5000 square foot, hardcore gym for all aspects of training.  We cater to Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, Strongmen, Olympic Lifting, or people just wanting to get into better shape.  We use chalk, drop weights, play loud music, whatever you want or need to workout.  We are conveniently located right off of I-10 on Capital Circle NW, so it’s a short drive from all sides of the city and less than 10 minutes from FSU. We offer everything that anyone would need to advance in their fitness goals including:

Full Hammer Strength Machine Line

Full Dumbbell Rack (5lbs to 200lbs)

Olympic Lifting Equipment (men’s/women’s ball bearing bars, jerk blocks, GHR)

Strongman Equipment including Logs, Stones, Yolk, Farmers, Tires, etc

Powerlifting Equipment; including Texas Strength Benches and Bars, Monolift,  Deadlift Bars, Squat Cages and Racks, etc.

Bootcamp and Personal Training Equipment

We also offer a children’s area so you can train and keep children occupied as well as showers.